What to do if you Encounter a Cyber Security Breach

There are over eight different types of cyber breaches your company may be exposed to. Without strong Cyber Security, your company is under constant threat from relentless cyber-attacks, as danger lurks around every digital corner.

What should you do if your fall victim to a cyber-attack? 
1.    Notify Commuserv of the breach.
2.    Follow your Internal Incident Response Plan.
3.    Change your password.
4.    Isolate the infected machine: remove its access to the network and shut the machine down.

How can Commuserv Help if you Encounter a Cyber Security Breach.  
1.    Detect and identify: Using Antivirus detection, reports from users and log analysis.
2.    Containment: there are a range of ways to contain the breach once it has been detected to stop it from spreading across the company’s network.
3.    Investigate: an extensive investigation to understand the cause and nature of the breach and the extent of the damage.
4.    Notify: We work with you to notify all relevant stake holders and or legal teams.
5.    Mitigate: further steps will then be taken to mitigate the impact of the breach, this will vary depending on the nature of the breach.
6.    Remediation: restore, recovery, and repair.

Talk to Commuserv about how to upgrade your Cyber Security, offering services such as: 
–    24/7 monitoring including devices, emails, and general activity.
–    A dedicated Cyber response team
–    Commuserv Aware (Cyber security awareness training for your staff and team)