Regular IT maintenance is essential to ensure an IT system – whether a personal computer or a corporate server – remains secure and stable and operates effectively.

Basic IT maintenance tasks include:

  • Archiving old files
  • Deleting duplicate files
  • System updates
  • System patches
  • Anti-virus implementation
  • Checks and maintenance of downloaded software packages
  • Hardware and other equipment checks
  • Any other company-specific disk cleanup tasks

IT maintenance security services

More complex IT maintenance tasks involve company security. Although these may be done internally depending on the skill sets of employees, it is usually too complex a task and as such it makes sense to outsource to a specialist IT support company with the necessary skills and experience.

Malware security

Malware-related breaches in company IT security have a visible and often highly detrimental short-term impact, but they are also responsible for far-reaching consequences.

If sensitive or personal information is leaked as a result of inadequate IT security maintenance, this will be detrimental to your company’s reputation. The latest GDPR regulations regarding privacy and the use of personal data renders system security more important than ever before.

Security backups

IT security maintenance also involves essential system and software back ups, ensuring the safe storage and accessibility of all company information.

These back ups require knowledge of the system itself – all relevant IT documentation must be readily accessible for successful backup and recovery in case of a major server failure or a cyber attack.

Specialist maintenance company

Commuserv are industry experts, providing bespoke solutions for your IT system, enabling your business to achieve maximum productivity and profitability. Specialising in commercial computer and software maintenance, we know that your systems and software are critical to your organisation and we understand that any failures in your IT infrastructure can be costly in terms of motivation, reputation and finance.

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