Phone / VoIP

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet.

Traditional hard-wired PBX phone systems evolved in the 1990s to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to carry calls.

VoIP phones can be simple software-based softphones or hardware devices like desk phones or conference phones. But today’s IP phone systems offer much more than call processing.

What can VoIP do?

IP phone systems are a scalable and collaboration hub for your business, integrating features such as video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), online collaboration, and mobility to extend your business communications wherever you are. By eliminating separate tools, VoIP phone services make it easier for your teams to boost productivity and reduce phone system costs.

Whether you want to simplify phone system management with a cloud-based VoIP phone service, maintain control with an on-premises phone system, or a hybrid of both, Commuserv can help.

Cost savings

The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential.

All of an organization’s voice and data traffic is integrated into one physical network, bypassing the need for separate PBX tie lines. Although there is a an initial setup cost, significant net savings can result from managing only one network

Rich media service

VoIP technology makes rich media service possible, integrating with other protocols and applications.

Rich media service not only provides multiple options of media to users, but also creates new markets in the communications industry, such as VoIP service in mobile phones.

Phone and number portability.

It is a common hassle to call the phone company and ask for a phone number update when moving to a new premises. However, VoIP provides number mobility.

The phone device can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as it has proper IP connectivity. Many businesspeople today bring their IP phones or softphones when traveling, and use the same numbers everywhere.

Integration with other applications.

VoIP protocols are able to integrate or collaborate with other applications such as email, web, social networking etc.

This integration with applications can provide valuable business services such as: voicemail delivery via email, click-to-call service on a website, voice call button on an email, presence information on a contact list, and so on.

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