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Commuserv has a dedicated web design Adelaide team, who specializes in website design and development. The team includes web designers, web developers, UX and UI designers, digital marketing experts and project managers. Developing a website can be an overwhelming experience even for the most IT savvy people. Our team of experts will support you through the whole process to help you create a website that will best suit all your needs.

Website Development Process

We have prepared a quick list just to give you an idea of what’s involved in developing a website for your business. 

Initial meeting

If you are thinking about building a website for your business, you can setup a meeting with one of our project managers at our Adelaide office, to sit with you and listen to your ideas and needs. The initial consultation is always free. Once we have enough information about the project, we will prepare a quotation so you know upfront how much it’s going to cost. We will also establish a development timeline so you know exactly when your project will be completed. 

Development Process

When you are ready to start, we will guide you through the following 7 step process to make sure the final product is exactly what you expected.

STEP 1 – Information gathering

We will sit with you and work out more finer details and requirements, set goals for the website and define the target audience.

STEP 2 – Planning

During the planning phase we will define the content structure for the website. This will determine what pages we need to create on the website.

STEP 3 – Web Design

Time to put on our creative hats and design the website. This will involve creating wire-frames, designing mock-ups and defining layouts.

STEP 4 – Coding

This is when we actually start building things. This includes writing HTML and CSS code to construct the look and feel of the website and PHP code to implement features and functionality.

STEP 5 – Content collation and upload

Once the site is built, it’s time to upload content. This includes copy, images, photos and links etc. 

STEP 6 – Testing, Review and Launch

All our websites undergo a rigorous testing phase. This makes sure that the website works across all browsers and devices. Once the site has passed our testing, it’s time to go live. 

STEP 7 – Maintenance and fine tuning

Our work doesn’t end here. Once the site is live, we make sure your website is running smoothly and make updates to fine tune it to make it even better.

Why choose Commuserv?


The digital experiences we build are designed to enhance relationships with your customers and increase your return.

Working together

We offer easy, personal connection, and a simple contact method. Our approach is collaborative.

We are flexible

Let the needs of your business structure define how we work together rather than our internal processes. Our team can consult with you to develop an approach that works for you that enhances your business’ online presence.

Custom themes

We design and build custom, mobile friendly websites that work across all device sizes.

Contact us now and get your new website online!

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