Project Management and Consultancy

By their very nature, large, complex IT projects are not everyday affairs for the vast majority of businesses. Typically, there will be significant business implications and considerations to manage alongside technology aspects, and these might not always be obvious. At Commuserv we have expertise in working alongside our clients to set up and deliver such these projects.

At Commuserv, our IT Consultants provides the highest quality IT services to small and medium sized businesses Australia-wide. Our strong focus on customer service ensures we understand the individual needs of your business, enabling us to tailor a solution to fit with your business’ current and future objectives.

With the growing integration of information technology within business operations and delivery of service, it is increasingly advantageous to consider hiring an IT business consultant to manage your technology.

Three channels of value

In the completion of significant projects, IT consultants offer value through three channels: expertise, project management, and support.

  • They can provide the knowledge and guidance to developing the solution to challenges.
  • When managing a project, there is an elevated level of focus to ensure that all team members are performing their tasks.
  • IT constants can tackle necessary tasks to ensure the smooth implementation and transition throughout a project both during and after the completion of the project.

Whether you want to upgrade your server or move to the cloud, large IT projects require a business to invest time and capital in the management of these projects.

Let us create a roadmap and strategy for the delivery of critical projects that ensure proper completion without the interruption of the day to day internal IT operations.

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