Intranet and Document Collaboration

The ability to easily and systematically store, archive and retrieve documents is essential to ensuring all employees are working with the most current information available and can work to prevent lost hours in productivity, trying to recover documents that have been poorly filed or haphazardly archived.

Centralised Information

The use of a document management system allows your company to ensure that all necessary documents are kept in once place. All employees know where to go to find the information they are looking for from the beginning and, with regular use, you’re not left stuck without necessary documents if an employee goes on vacation or leaves the organisation.

Simultaneous Updating

Keeping all necessary documents in one location ensures that documents can be simultaneously updated as changes occur. Simple and complex changes can be automatically reflected so you know that no matter who is accessing the data, it’s up to date and complete because it’s all in one place.


Keeping sensitive information in a document management system helps to ensure that information is kept safe. Irreversible harm can come to a business if vital or otherwise sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. Document management solutions allow you to safeguard confidential business information through a variety of ways including the use of permission settings that only allow authorised users to access certain documents. These systems can also track who access these documents and when, so that you’re always on top of who has what information.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Certain document management systems allow for access no matter what device an individual is using and no matter where that individual is. This can be of particular importance for companies with a large, mobile client base that want frequent and immediate updates on their information. It’s also useful to companies that have a large workforce across the country or the globe, offering them access to data no matter what time zone they may find themselves in.


Document management systems are great sources for collaboration among colleagues. Whether it’s the creation of a new presentation or the editing of a current portfolio, these systems allow individuals to collaborate on work without the back and forth associated with versioning via email. It also allows individuals that may be thousands of miles apart to collaborate seamlessly and simultaneously.

As you can see, a document management system can offer a number of advantages

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