Site Audits

Many small business owners believe that they are already using digital technology effectively, because they have a website and Facebook page. But there are many more ways to use digital technology to improve your business outcomes.

The 3 stages of digital innovation

Conducting a digital audit will help you work out whether your business is a digital novice, digitally active or digitally advanced.

Surviving (novice)

A business at this stage would have some digital innovation by using basic and broad digital channels. For example, they might have a website that isn’t updated regularly, and are unable to accept orders via email.

Consolidating (active)

A business at this stage would have moderate digital innovation, with a website that is actively used as an e-commerce platform to accept orders. They may be using various pieces of software internally to simplify their processes, or they may be using some cloud-based services for remote workers.

Leading (advanced)

A business at this stage is at the top of the digital innovation game, and constantly striving to better its digital position. They embrace digital solutions across the 9 key components of a digital strategy, and invest in technology and digital solutions across every level of the business.

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