Internet and Communications

Commuserv’s on-site installation services are available for wired and wireless Internet connections, and we are happy to support PCs, Macs, and a huge range of open-source and mobile devices.

4G Internet connections are becoming increasingly common, and Commuserv has equipped itself to support these services, irrespective of the carrier you have chosen. With contacts in every major carrier, we are able to troubleshoot and provide support on a range of devices, to ensure you get that important email.

Voice Systems and IP Phones

Commuserv are authorised installers of Grandstream, 3CX and Cisco voice systems. These systems can provide smart integration to create efficiencies and savings in business practice or on-going communication costs. VOIP is a complex area with a lot of options available, and requires a level of understanding as to what, why and when it is best use.

Find out more about our VoIP UNLIMITED Plan and see how VoIP can benefit your business.


We also offer wireless internet through Nuskope. NuSkope is Adelaide’s locally owned leading fixed wireless Internet Service Provider and is committed to delivering advanced, high-speed Internet access to homes, schools and businesses across Adelaide and the greater regional area. NuSkope delivers a reliable last mile solution.

Unlike other Internet Service Providers, NuSkope owns their entire network and is not dependent on the local exchange carrier network of phone wires or cable, offering a faster service for our wireless customers.


As a South Australian owned and operated business, Commuserv proudly supports SA’s biggest and best ISP, Internode. With industry technical experience that is second-to-none, Internode provides a wide range of competitive, high-performance services and connectivity solutions for home users and businesses alike.

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