Mayfair Hotel

This Mayfair Hotel on the corner of Hindley Street and King William Street in Adelaide’s CBD was an absolute flagship project and demonstrated the full turn key services that the team at Commuserv can offer.

This project commenced in 2015 and we were the ICT and Cabling project managers plus supplied the following services for the project build:

  • 14 Story wireless mesh system for customer and internal corporate connectivity of phone and mobility, including tracking of customer / internal usage;
  • Wireless bridging (linking) between two separate buildings to share all phone and computer networks;
  • High speed Internet service commissioning, monitoring and maintenance include threat prevention;
  • 90 plus CCTV Survelliance system and monitoring solution across the property;
  • Full virtualised network systems including advance backup and recovery technologies;
  • Third party software vendor management and integration in POS systems;
  • Full voice deployment across all rooms and properties using VOIP and mobility;
  • VLan (network configuration) and backbone design and management of all switching;
  • 24 hour availablility and up time;
  • Integration with builders and all parties in the correct development of infrastructure services around the entire networking;
  • Smart in room technology assistance;
  • Crestron automation to support multi room conference and ballroom convention systems;
  • Supply and installation of all photocopier, printer and computer  equipment;
  • Complete network integration build of the above.