Duo Security

Duo Security provides two-factor authentication as a service built to prevent account takeover and online fraud. Protect remote access with drop-in support for most VPNs and Unix, or add login or transaction verification to any website with Duo’s powerful web APIs.


Compliance: Easily meet federal and industry regulations for strong authentication such as PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Cost-effective: No hardware to deploy and manage, and self- service user enrolment to reduce administrative burden.

Scalable: Duo leverages the cloud to rapidly scale as your user base grows, removing the need for onsite infrastructure.

Compatible: Integrates seamlessly with existing technology investments and end-user smartphone platforms.


Strong, Secure Authentication

Duo follows primary login to verify a user with their personal, physical device. Duo can also protect Android devices with an integrated mobile security suite.


As an independent system, Duo never handles your users’ passwords or collects any personally identifying information.

Flexible Integrations

Secure all important logins with one cloud-hosted solution.

  • All major SSL VPNs
  • Local and remote Unix logins
  • Internal and customer-facing web applications
  • Any network application or device via RADIUS

Great User Experience

Duo supports users in every situation by allowing them to choose how to authenticate each time they log in:

Push Notification
Quickly view login or transaction details and tap “Approve” on your iOS or Android device. Learn more at duosecurity.com/duo-push

Smartphone Passcodes
Easily generate login passcodes — no cell service required. Duo Mobile is available for free on all smartphone platforms.

Text Message
Login passcodes sent via text message. Works on all phones with SMS support.

Phone Call
Simply answer a phone call and press a key to authenticate.

Duo also sells and supports traditional hardware tokens (and can import third-party tokens) for users who need them.

Rock-Solid Reliability

Duo’s scalable, high-availability service is balanced across multiple geographic regions, independent service providers and power grids, and backed by a strong service level guarantee with over 99.995% uptime since 2010.

Commuserv Integration

We are integrating DUO Security’s 2 factor authentication into our network.

This means all users who:

  • Remotely access the network via VPN
  • Remotely access the network RD Gateway or RD technologies
  • Use Outlook web access

Will be required to utilise this service.  An additional charge of $3 USD per month will be billed at the end of each month per user.