Latitude Financial Services Cyber Attack

Latitude Financial experienced a cyber attack in March, compromising sensitive personal data of customers in Australia and New Zealand.

In response, Latitude collaborated with cybersecurity experts, law enforcement, and government agencies.

The breach exposed:

  • Approximately 7.9 million driver’s license numbers
  • Unspecified personal details
  • Around 103,000 copies of driver’s licenses or passports
  • Less than 100 monthly statements
  • Income and expense details from about 900,000 loan applications
  • Approximately 308,000 bank account details (excluding passwords)
  • Roughly 143,000 credit card or credit account numbers (majority expired or closed)

Latitude is offering support to affected customers, including tailored assistance and reimbursement for stolen identification documents.

Through proactive measures, Latitude upholds its commitment to customer security and trust.

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