Copilot & Commuserv

Here at Commuserv, we’ve been working hard to improve our understanding of artificial intelligence and how Microsoft’s CoPilot for M365 can benefit your business. Our Development Team has made great strides in the past 8 weeks since this technology became available to the SMB market.

We’ve developed, built, and integrated custom-built plugins for our CRM that work within CoPilot for Microsoft 365. This means that we can now develop custom solutions that integrate data sources sitting outside your Microsoft Modern Work environment. This rapid development and implementation led to us being invited to present our journey at the Microsoft AI Innovate event in Perth, attended by nearly 250 people from the IT industry.

Our Director, John Caruso and Business Development Manager, Scott Parry were excited to have this opportunity to connect with industry peers and Microsoft Leaders to share insights and ideas on what we’ve developed so far. We discussed how to address the biggest challenges and new opportunities in this new tech era of AI.

Our team is excited to continue developing, and we believe we’ll be ready to present this to our clients in late May. The benefits of CoPilot for Microsoft 365 and our custom-built plugins will provide enhancements to your workforce like never before. We look forward to servicing and furthering this development once you’re in a Microsoft Office 365 modern workplace.