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Commuserv is a leader in the Information Technology business.

Commuserv is a leader in the Information Technology business. Founded in 1997, we have spent the last two decades providing high quality customer service and technology solutions to meet any need. Our highly trained technicians have years of experience, making Commuserv the best IT business around! Based locally in Adelaide, we offer a wide range of tailored solutions, delivering outcomes that meet our customers' requirements in terms of both cost-competitiveness and outright customer service.

Commuserv is a family owned business that has been committed to serving our community for 20 years. Our founder and owner John Caruso started Commuserv in 1997 to meet Adelaide's growing IT service needs. Serving as our managing director, John has been at the leading edge of information and communication business analysis since he started working in the field. He brings dedication to superior quality of work to Commuserv, ensuring our customers get the absolute best care available at a price they can afford.

When it comes to Information Technology business solutions, we do "IT" all! Whatever your business needs, we have got you covered. We work with our customers closely to determine exactly the services to provide, and the projects that need doing, developing an individualized and customizable plan of action, guarantee to at least meet, if not exceed, all expectations!

As a customer of Commuserv, you get access to our 24/7 IT Helpdesk. You have access to expert advice and support any time you need it. We specialize in web design and development, creating the perfect websites for all manner of businesses. Internet and telecommunications, home and office automation, and network design and cabling are all IT services available from Commuserv's expert professionals. Our complete business solutions is a package created just for you and your business needs. We help you figure out what you need to get up and running or to improve your network with all the latest, fastest technology. If you have IT needs, choose Commuserv. Our mission is to provide competitively priced support and infrastructure solutions to complement, assist, and advance the operations of our customer businesses. Guaranteed!

Our team even takes one step further and can cater for all industries. We count among our customers, local Adelaide universities, premier medical practices, major insurance brokers, legal practices, and major national franchises in the food industry. Each of these clients have specific industry needs, unique to their fields, or their office. At Commuserv, we make sure all our customers get the services they need, no matter the industry requirements we need to meet. We have the experience and training to get the job done right.

Developing relationships with our clients is one of our biggest priorities. IT support is not a onetime service, and we look to build partnerships with our customers that will last for years to come. Customer care is the cornerstone of our business, and at the forefront of our values. We strive to exceed all expectations with every job, big or small, and with every customer that comes our way. Come learn about the Commuserv difference, and see how we can get your business technology up and running the way you need.

For any and all Information Technology services and support, Commuserv has decades of experience and the trained professionals needed to get even the toughest tasks done right. As a local business based in Adelaide, we value our neighbours and the community, striving to provide the very best IT business. The family owned and operated Commuserv treats every customer as our most important, giving you the quality customer service and support you need at a price you can afford. Get in touch to learn more about how Commuserv can help you and your business today! We look forward to working with you.

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