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Integrated Cyber Defense: A Better Way Forward

A patchwork of stand-alone security products from multiple vendors is simply too expensive, too complex, and, even worse, it’s proven to be ineffective.

As the world’s leading cyber security company, we deliver a better way forward:
it’s called Integrated Cyber Defense.

An open platform that seamlessly combines security solutions from Symantec and our technology partners into a single framework across devices, networks, cloud, and datacenter infrastructure.

Offering unparalleled

  • Threat Prevention
  • Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Managed Security Services

Integrated to reduce complexity for ease of use and lower costs.

Proven Leader in Security and Innovation

Attackers are innovative and relentless. And they only have to be right once—we have to defend against the onslaught, day in, day out. It’s fundamental to our culture that we are never done, and we never stop innovating.

Symantec Research Labs

As Symantec’s global research organization, Symantec Research Labs (SRL) plays a leading role in developing leading-edge technologies now commercialized across many product areas. Our researchers are an authoritative voice of innovation in cyber security.

Open Ecosystem of Integrations

The Technology Integration Partner Program (TIPP) facilitates integrations across the cyber security industry through a vast network of APIs.

TIPP consists of more than 100 leading security and technology companies members, including Amazon, Box, IBM, Microsoft, Service Now, and Splunk.

Symantec Ventures

Symantec Ventures invests in early-stage cyber security startups to drive innovation and development around Symantec intelligence data and platforms, partnering with companies at key stages of their growth. We are dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs protect the Cloud Generation and work with Symantec to stop tomorrow’s advanced threats.

The World’s Leading Cyber Security Company