Microsoft Dynamics 365

Thrive in the digital economy and drive value for your customers and employees. That’s digital transformation. That’s Dynamics 365.

With intelligent business applications across CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you choice. Start with just what you need to run your business—and delight your customers. And then add apps as your needs change.

Professional Services

Client expectations have changed dramatically putting huge demand on professional services businesses to respond in a faster and more agile fashion than ever before. To succeed, businesses need to keep their clients at the heart of how they work as they compete harder than ever before in order to thrive over those that survive.

To compete in this changing environment, firms need to: Maximize Business Development time with a single place where you can tap into all available client and industry intelligence. Increase win rates and profitability with insights to make the right decisions and execute flawlessly by embedding best-practices in your processes.

Come together Faster than the Competition – bring virtual teams closer across practices, locations and networks:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services Businesses

Retail Stores

Some of the biggest challenges retail customer marketers face are understanding customers, maintaining local relationships and increasing return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics can help you meet these goals and more. With the ability to influence customer behaviour, centralise your campaigns and target customers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your retail business thrive.

Find out more about marketing capabilities for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics marketing, Microsoft Dynamics for Retail and Power BI:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail

Sales and Marketing

Manage your leads and close more sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, with like sales-minded dashboards that give insights and data you can share and act on you have access to:

re-usable templates to share with your team
collaboration tools and integration with other apps like Excel and Skype
even business process customization so the tool works like your organization does

Harness the power of the cloud to do everything from qualifying leads and preparing quotes to managing your pipeline. For more information, visit:

Microsoft Dynamics for Sales


Dynamics 365 for Financials is a diverse business management solution seamlessly connecting people and processes together.

It is designed to support small and medium businesses in Financial Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Project Management and Sales.

Microsoft Dynamics for Finance

Why choose Dynamics 365?

  • Start with what you need and expand as you grow : Dynamics 365 is built with a modular design. Use individual apps that work both on their own or together so you can create the solution that fits your needs.
  • Get the full 365 view of your customer : View and manage all your customer details in one place to get a complete picture of the customer. This information is critical when working on a competitive market.
  • Simplicity and ease of use : From easy to use forms to complex graphs and reporting, customize the interfaces how you want them.
  • Secure : ISO 27001 certified and FIPS 140-2 compliant so you know that your data is safe and secure.
  • Australian data centres : Cloud data centres based in locally in Australia.
  • 80% of fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Cloud : You know it’s working when fortune 500 companies are on the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Easy third party software integration : Customized or pre-built integrations using Microsoft Appsource. Such as Power BI for reporting, MS outlook and many more.
  • Office 365 integration : Tightly integrated with office 365 administration and Microsoft office suite.
  • Uses Microsft’s Azure cloud platform : Hosted on the popular Micorosoft’s Azure Cloud platform.