Commuserv are a preferred and authorised installer of Crestron systems.

These systems are dependable, streamlined, and innovative. They are intelligent monitors and can control everything in your home and office, from lighting to air conditioning and screens.

What can we do?

Commuserv have built function rooms, reception facilities and boardrooms and homes with one button style mobile device controlled systems. Crestron simplifies lives and business.

Commuserv have engineers that can not only install security camera systems, door controls and intercoms, but can cleverly integrate these into your IT networks, mobility and life. State of the art CCTV services and are a preferred and authorised installer in Adelaide. This is a rapidly growing area for businesses and homes as security, staff controls and general public safety is a concern.

Crestron’s automation and control solutions for buildings and homes let people control entire environments with the push of a button.

Good Morning

You can have the perfect morning every morning when you wake up to a Crestron automated home. One touch of the “wake” scene button and the lights will gently illuminate your side of the bed, without blinding you or disrupting your partner. Step into your preheated bathroom while the TV turns on to your favorite news channel—all without fumbling for switches or a remote. And that’s just the beginning in a home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated.

Away from Home

Have peace of mind knowing that whether you’re down the street or across the globe, Crestron always keeps your home within reach. Receive email notifications and pop-up alerts on touch screens when possible issues arise. You can even view security cameras remotely for added assurance or just to check up on the kids. On your way back home, set the temperature and lighting for ideal ambiance so you can just walk in and enjoy being home.

Family Time

When it’s time to enjoy a movie with the family, set the mood in an instant with Crestron. Easily control multiple audio and video sources with a handheld remote—the same remote that can lower your shades, dim the lights, and lower the projector screen for an immersive movie-watching environment. No need to worry about replacing your prized stereo or HD television—our system integrates technology from all your favorite brands flawlessly.

Good Night

At the end of a long day, wind down with some relaxing music throughout the house. As you prepare for bed, Crestron takes care of the rest with customizable nighttime presets, ensuring your shades are lowered, lights throughout the home are turned off, and every lock is secured. Schedule the process to happen every night at the same time, or do it all at the touch of a button—it’s up to you.