Point of sale solutions

Commuserv have specialised in single site and franchise support of Point of Sale solutions. Whether you are looking for a provider who is capable of prompt and immediate service 7 days a week, right through to smart business solutions for your point of sale, Commuserv are leaders and service many successful Adelaide businesses in this space such as Cibo Espresso Group, Cotto Espresso Group and many independents.

Commuserv are authorised suppliers of a top 10 global point of sale solution called Revel Systems.

Revel Systems’ Point of sale system operates on the Apple iPad. The backend can be managed via mobile device or via Web browser. Associated hardware includes: receipt printer, cash drawer, and card swipe. Revel also announced the Revel Ethernet Connect cable in 2015 that allows for a hardwired Ethernet connection to iPads running Revel software.

Revel has several POS systems for the culinary industry such as Kitchen Display System, Drive-through POS, Food Truck POS, and Restaurant POS. Other retail POS systems include Grocery POS, Retail POS, and Quick Service POS. Revel also have systems for large venues including Stadium POS and Events POS.

Revel Systems offers a range of preconfigured hardware to complement its point of sale system. The Apple iPad acts as a business’s main POS terminal, or register. Transactions, orders, and various other functions take place on the iPad POS. The iPad Mini is used as a POS terminal for customer-facing kiosks and table-side ordering. The Apple iPod Touch serves as a line-buster, or as a customer-facing display. These terminals work with Epson Printers, wireless routers, access points, cash drawers, card swipes, and barcode scanners to meet a merchant’s needs.

Revel allows for a customizable point of sale solution and integrates with a variety of third party providers. For a demonstration of the product please view the video below: