Do I need a mobile friendly website?

Published date : 2016-11-04

Here are some popular questions businesses and individuals ask us when we discuss about websites,

‘Do I need a mobile friendly website?’

‘Does it have to be responsive ?’

‘Does my website need to work across all devices and platforms?’

‘I have a current website and works perfectly on desktop but not on mobiles, do I need to update?’

‘Are mobile friendly websites expensive?’

It might be surprising to some, to hear people still ask these types of questions in 2016 but you’ll be more surprised to hear the actual number of people and number of times these questions get asked.

The simple and direct answer to this question is  ‘YES’ all websites needs to work on all devices. Not only they just need to work across all devices they also need be optimized for every screen size to bring out optimal user experience.


Why ?

Then we get asked the next big question ‘Why?’. Again the answer is simple, mobile internet usage is higher than desktop according to


Here are a few more statistics about mobile usage,
– Over 1.2 billion people access the web from a mobile device
– Over half of web traffic is from a mobile device
– Google favors mobile optimised websites and have better rankings
– More users are making purchases on their phones
– Mobile commerce is growing fast.

Here at Commuserv all websites we design and develop are responsive and mobile friendly. As it’s built in the web design there is no additional cost to the customer. We make sure it works perfectly across all devices. If you aren’t sure if you existing website is responsive or mobile friendly talk to the Adelaide web development team and we’ll make sure you are ready for the future.