Disaster Recovery

Time is everything. Having the balance between work, family and social life is increasingly difficult. We are all working longer, harder and striving to deliver our specialty better to our customer. In doing this, every employee in any company is reliant on software and data, and the consistent performance of these in order to achieve.

  • What happens when it breaks?
  • How soon are we going to be back online?
  • I will lose my business if I cannot be online quickly.
  • I do not have the time to catch up if my systems are down
  • My staff won’t be able to work on the systems until things are repaired. How long will that be?
  • The office was broken into and we need new specialised equipment. When will it be here?
  • I thought we had insurance to cover this circumstance!
  • I was unaware that this was possible and would take so much time.

These are all concerns of any business and a massive focus of the Commuserv specialist team.

Realistically, companies fail to focus on how quickly they can return to work if a virus, software update, staff malpractice, hardware failure, fire or theft occurs. It is the per-hour cost of staff not being productive and the lost time in disasters that should make this a priority of any company’s management operations.

The team at Commuserv can determine the best mix of technologies and solutions. We can quote, install and document how the mix all comes together before the possibility of disaster. Once such systems are deployed, we have spare equipment in-house to create the test recovery points, ensuring the solution is an ongoing concern.

Commuserv are leaders in providing disaster-recovery solutions. We have proven results and extremely cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to any organisation’s needs. Why not take the time to sit with our team to discuss how Commuserv can best serve you.